Worship Center Parking Meets City's Stormwater Runoff Regulations


Provide a durable, attractive parking surface for a Tuscaloosa, Alabama worship center that meets new restrictive storm water run off regulations.


Octabrick™ permeable pavers from Block USA.

Project Details:


The new Catholic Worship Center on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa selected USA’s Octabrick™ for its expanded parking surrounding its new sanctuary.

The Octabrick™ provided a surface appearance that worked well with the design of the facility. The unique hexagon shape of the Octabrick™ permeable paver provides drainage along the sides at the corners of each of the pavers. These small drainage areas filled with permeable aggregate allow storm water to escape to a specially designed sub surface that slowly releases the run off wtihout overwhelming storm sewers.

Another advantage of the Octabrick™ is that it can be produced using white pigment creating a paver that can be used for striping and cross walks. The Church will avoid costly resurfacing and restriping throughout the long life of their new parking area, again saving the environment from subsequent applications of harmful chemicals.

This durable permeable paving product offers excellent lifecycle cost comparisons, outlasts typical pavements, and requires minimal maintenance.

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  • Octabrick™







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