Case Studies by Product

Project managers are confronted with rising construction costs, increasingly complex site restrictions and pressure to develop more sustainably. Block USA is proud to share case studies that highlight the role their products play in solving these challenges.

Cordova Stone (1)

Cordova Stone combines the beauty of natural stone with the structural integrity and durability of concrete masonry.
Cordova Stone

Erosion Control Units (3)

Erosion control units from Block USA are designed to reduce the damaging effects of nature.
Erosion Control Units

Retaining Walls (5)

Retaining walls from Block USA maximize land use and provide cost efficient aesthetics.
Retaining Walls

Anchorplex™ Backfill (1)

Anchorplex™ offers a unique solution to problematic wall construction sites.
Anchorplex™ Backfill

Permeable Pavers (10)

Permeable pavers handle stormwater, a perfect solution for environmentally sensitive projects.
Permeable Pavers

Architectural Masonry (5)

Architectural masonry from Block USA is attractive, low-maintenance and cost effective.
Architectural Masonry

Preblended Mortars (1)

AccuMix™ preblended mortars reduce installation errors on the jobsite.
Preblended Mortars







Block USA Solutions

Block USA's experienced service professionals are available to provide solutions to your project's various challenges. From permeable concrete pavers to retaining walls specifically designed for narrow installations, Block USA offers a number of products that solve site-related problems, add aesthetics and provide curb appeal.