Campus Parking Lot Controls Storm Water Runoff


Ensure that an on-campus parking lot will handle storm water runoff.


Replace traditional pavement with Block USA's Octabrick™.

Project Details:

North Georgia College in Gainesville, Georgia selected Octabrick permeable pavers for the parking lot surrounding a new building. The decorative, environmentally friendly permeable pavers allowed the parking area to properly drain storm water run off while still maintaining the campus’ pristine and well-manicured landscape. More importantly, the use of Octabrick saved the college revenue by preventing the need for the installation of a retaining wall that would have required the purchase of additional real estate. Octabrick’s unique shape with its 15% diamond shaped void area provides 100% storm water retention in most cases and meets most local storm water requirements. It allows storm water to infiltrate through the permeable paver system and the base and materials keeping harmful vehicular waste from damaging the environment. “Octabrick permeable pavers were the perfect solution for North Georgia College, says installer Richard Santiago with Four Seasons Landscape, in Newnan, Georgia. “Permeable pavers are an aesthetically pleasing, durable, cost-efficient method for dealing with an area that has reached maximum levels of storm water runoff, “ adds Santiago. “The parking lot, once paved with Octabrick, serviced the campus’ need for additional parking spaces without providing an expensive retention pond. Further, the Octabrick parking lot fit the look of the college campus.”

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  • Octabrick™







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