Military Base Parking Lot Filters Storm Water


Build 17,000 square feet of parking while cleansing 96% of pollutants out of stormwater.


Replace traditional pavement with Block USA's Octabrick™.

Project Details:


Imagine using a 17,000 square foot parking lot to filter storm water. That is exactly what Richard Santiago with Four Seasons Landscape Management did for Hunter Army Airfield.

Hunter Air Field, located in southeast Georgia, is home of the 3rd Infantry Division and also boasts the army longest runway on the East Coast.

The army’s engineers were concerned with filtering storm water run-off. Their goal was formidable. They needed the parking, yet they needed to cleanse up to 96% of pollutants before the water reached storm water drainage pipes.

Their solution: Octabrick. In addition to cleansing the water, engineers like the long-term maintenance savings offered by Octabrick. They added to this savings by choosing a contrasting color Octabrick for striping, thus eliminating the need to paint.

Santiago says, “Permeable pavers are simply one of the greenest products in the industry.” Not only are they durable and long lasting, but they are exceptionally friendly to the environment and this was important to Hunter Army Airfield.

Products Used

  • Octabrick™

Project Teams

  • Installer: Four Seasons Landcape Management







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