Pavers Stand Up to Heavy Truck Traffic


Provide a duable paved surface that contains stormwater.


Octabrick™ permeable pavers from Block USA.

Project Details:


Richard Santiago, with Four Seasons Landscape Management Inc. of Newnan, Georgia, worked closely with the owner of Coweta Machine and Fabrication in Newnan, Georgia to provide a new permeable paver truck ingress and egress to Coweta’s loading docks. The successful project was completed more than seven years ago, according to Santiago.

Originally, Coweta was going to install permeable pavers because they thought the City required it. After learning that this was not a requirement, the company decided to remain with its decision to use Octabrick permeable pavers.

By using Octabrick, the company hoped to eliminate three problems that traditional pavement could not:

  • The need for a retention pond.
  • The pooling of water at each loading dock.
  • Repetitive wear and tear of other pavements.

Santiago believes, "Permeable pavers, one of the greenest products in the industry, are more than just environmentally friendly.” He related that after all this time, "The product has held up well, just as expected, even with the twisting and turning of trucks and trailers weighing upwards of 100,000 pounds.”

“Octabrick pavers are sustainable and competitively priced when compared to asphalt and the cost of land for retention ponds.” When installed with state of the art installation machines, they really become competitive with other types of pavements.”

Santiago adds, “Permeable pavers can last up to 50 years verses the average 10 years for asphalt." “These pavers can also be easily removed and replaced to take care of any underground service work.”

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Products Used

  • Octabrick™







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