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Provide a paved surface that stands up to heavy traffic with a classic look.


Belgian Cobble Multipiece Pavers from Block USA

Project Details:

When the city of Montgomery, Alabama looked at reopening and repaving a roundabout circling its historic Court Street Fountain, planners knew the usual asphalt would just not work. “We wanted something historically accurate, but the surface also had to be functional as a street,” said City Engineer Chris Conway.

Since 1885, Court Square Plaza with its elaborate fountain has been a centerpiece for downtown and a setting for events like inaugurations, parades and ceremonies. Streets south of the fountain had been closed for over 40 years when the area was turned into a pedestrian mall in the late 1960’s. So in 2007 when city leaders started thinking about reopening the streets, planners had plenty of work and research ahead of them.

Old photos of the original street and some of the original 19th century cobble pavers served as guides for project architects who searched for a modern product suitable for the restoration. They found the perfect fit at Alys Beach, Florida with Block USA’s Belgian Cobble Paver.

Montgomery city officials love the historic Roman cobble street look and the sound of vehicles on the surface. It is definitely an old town look and feel that complements the area’s historic past. “Any added cost was worth it, just for the look of the pavers,” remarked Conway.

Belgian Cobble are strong and durable with a minimum compressive strength of 8000 PSI. The aesthetic qualities of the paver give projects a historic, rich appearance. With the 50-year life span of the pavers, they also serve as a sound investment of city tax dollars.

The pavers slow traffic down and make the area more comfortable for pedestrians. Belgian Cobble's tumbled, distressed texture offers a “high end” look when compared to ordinary asphalt or poured concrete. Alternating colors of the pavers can be used to designate walkways and lanes on roads.

The city was especially happy with the short two week time frame it took to install the 40,000 square feet of pavers. “The availability of the pavers for the time we needed them and the way they could be placed in a quick manner were huge advantages for a city street project,”added Conway.

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  • Belgian Cobble Pavers

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  • Client: City of Montgomery, AL







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